Friday, July 10, 2009

They're available for weddings and Bar Mitvahs.

Nathan and John McLay performing their song "Twilight" at EFY. I think they should take it on the road.

by John McLay and Nathan Jones
[Sung to Starlight© by Muse and based loosely on Twilight© by Stephenie Meyer]
Far away
Her mind is clearly, far away
Far away from the date...
The date that you have taken her on
Shes probably been reading Twilight
She expects you to sparkle in Light
And your skin, frankly, just aint that white
Hold her on your back
and run really fast
Hold her on your back.
How can you compete with Vampires?
They're immortal and in movies
Besides the sight of blood makes you feel faint
You're pretty sure she pushed you in front of
That of that car to see it stop, but it didnt stop
Her hopes and expectations
Create significant complications
And by your best computations
It may not be worth the frustrations
Hold on lets get real...watching people sleep is weird!
There'll always be another Edward
Some tall guy with an accent
And a team of professional stylists
Unless your name is Wolverine you dont stand a Chance,
but thats not your name
And your bones are kind of brittle
Your hopes and expectations
Cant be tied to Hollywood creations
Forget Sister Meyers machinations
And find your own true imprintations
Hold on, you just wanted...You just wanted to Date.